The past few years we notice an increasing interest for contemporary art and design from Southeast Asia and India. Due to a growing economical power of the region, there are more opportunities for artistic expression and experiments, young artists can develop themselves in order to show their artworks to a worldwide audience. Furthermore the artists from this region have now the opportunity to show their works on international art fairs and exhibitions. At last an expanding fascination for the cultural identity of the region enables the artist to seek inspiration in their own cultural heritage.  Contemporary asian art can be the perfect testimony of the cultural, historical and religious identity of Asia. Contemporary artists often find inspiration in the past, as well in terms of painting techniques, as traditions and vision on life.     

My goal is to build a strong personal relationship with the artist, to better understand their political, cultural and human issues. In 2013 I invited the two Burmese artists-brothers Khin Zaw Latt and Soe Soe for an exhibition in the gallery in Knokke. They hadn't left their country before, they barely spoke English at that moment. But it was a wonderful life experience for all of us.    

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