Khin Zaw Latt

Khin Zaw Latt is at this moment one of Myanmar’s most talented and successful contemporary artist.

Khin Zaw Latt was born in Myanmar in 1980 in the delta village Laputta. He is the youngest of six children and comes from an artistic family; his mother was a dancer, his father a musician. His older brother by fifteen years, Soe Soe, is also an established artist in Yangon. After he graduated from the National University of Art and Culture in Yangon in 1998, he supported himself by teaching art to children, what he is still doing today.  KZL started looking at wooden stamps, and decided to experiment with stamping as the basis for what became the first paintings in his Buddha series. He won the Myanmar Contemporary Art Award in 2008, and in 2011 he won the first Myanmar National Portrait Award with a painting of his daughter. The second painting in the 2011 National Portrait competition was a portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Artists in Myanmar are beginning to express not only the beauty but also the complexities of life, much as they do in New York, Berlin, Paris or Tokyo. It is in this climate that Khin Zaw Latt is painting his new series “Street people”. All is not tranquil or harmonious, but the unflinching nature of these paintings gives them a beauty of their own. The “Street People” series is an objective but emotional view of these children’s experiences.

The inspiration for KZL’s next series of paintings, “Moving Forward” comes from life in Yangon. Each day many thousands of people travel from their villages for as long as two hours in each direction to catch a ferry across the river to the center of Yangon. They seek daily, seasonal or long term employment and most will travel to Yangon merely to receive one or two dollars a day more than they would if they worked closer to home. Although many hope to find a job with a greater financial reward in the future, most will accept very modest gains in the present to have the possibility to move forward. This struggle is shared by many in Mexico City, Calcutta, Cairo and Lagos, to name a few other cities. What is so striking about the “Moving Forward” paintings is their universality, yet they also capture something uniquely Burmese and provide a subtle visual commentary that is the work of a master painter. 

He participated at solo and group shows locally and oversea. He has extensive exposure abroad with exhibitions in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Thailand, Singapore, the US, Canada, France and Belgium.   

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Biography Khin Zaw Latt



: Khin Zaw Latt

Date of birth

: December 1980

Place of birth

: Laputta, Irrawaddy Division, Myanmar.


: Graduated from University of Culture
  Majoring in Painting (1998-2002)

Art Awards

: First Prize at Myanmar Portrait Awards 2011

: Finalist at Sovereign Art Awards 2009

: First Prize at Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2008

: Honorary mention at Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2004

: Second Prize at Myanmar Youth Art Contest 2000


: Seeing into Portraits - Bruce parsons


Solo Show


  • 2017 “A 15 Year Story Solo Exhibition”, Yangon Gallery
  • 2014 “ Giving a Hand” Fund Raising Exhibiton in Myanmar
  • 2012 “ A Ten Year Story ” Art Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2011 “ Introduction of Current Works” by Khin Zaw Latt in Myanmar
  • 2010 “ My Myanmar” by Khin Zaw Latt in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • 2010 “ Moving Forward” by Khin Zaw Latt (Hong Kong)
  • 2009 “ Crowdscale” by Khin Zaw Latt in Myanmar
  • 2008 “ Simplicity” by Khin Zaw Latt Exhibition in ( Hong Kong)
  • 2007 “ Eternal Bliss” by Khin Zaw Latt Exhibition in (Hong Kong)
  • 2006 “Blissful Buddha” by Khin Zaw Latt in Shanghai (China)



     Two Men Show

  • 2013 “Two Burmese Brothers” Art Exhibition (Famarte, Knokke)
  • 2012 “Portrait of Myanmar” Art Exhibtion in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • 2009 “Two Burmese Brothers” Art Exhibition in Greenwish(USA)
  • 2008 “Vision of Myanmar” Art Exhibition in Newyork (USA)
  • 2007 “Two Burmese Brothers” Art Exhibition in Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • 2006 “To Tranquility” Art Exhibition in (Hong Kong)
  • 2005 “Two Burmese Brothers” Art Exhibition in (Hong Kong)

Oversea Group Show

  • 2018 Seoul Art Show
  • 2015 Jan 14-18th “La Convention Center, South Hall H (Los Angeles, USA)
  • 2015 Jan 14-18th “La Convention Center, South Hall H (Los Angeles, USA)
  • 2014 Dec 3rd to Dec 18th “Pall Mall Art Advisors” (USA)
  • 2014 Sep 19th to 2015 May 3rd Museum Funf Kontinente (Germani)
  • 2012 “Affordable Art Fair” presented by Lalanta Gallery (Singapore)
  • 2012 “The East Gallery Anniversary Show” in Toronto (Canada)
  • 2012 “ 7th Annual Summer Exhibition” in (Hong Kong)
  • 2012 “ Burma Raising” Art Exhibition in Hamptons,NY,(USA)
  • 2012 “Eye on Burma” Art Exhibtion in Toronto (Canada)
  • 2010 “New Beginnings” Art Exhibition in Princeton (USA)
  • 2010 “Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture & Exhibition” Boston (USA)
  • 2010 “Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition” in (Hong Kong)
  • 2010 “Sovereign Asian Art Prize” Exhibition in (Hong Kong)
  • 2009 “Myanmar Discovered Through the Paintters Eyes” Exhibition in (Hong Kong)
  • 2009 “ Asia  Contemporary” Art Exhibition in ( Hong Kong )
  • 2007 “Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition” in Washington             (USA)
  • 2007 “Homage To Buddha” Art Exhibition in (Hong Kong)
  • 2006 “Singapore Art Fair” presented by River Gallery in (Singapore)
  • 2006 “The Quiet Wind” Art Exhibition in (San Francisco)
  • 2006 “Myanmar Scene” Art Exhibition in (Hong Kong)
  • 2004 “Sound Art” in (Singapore)
  • 2004 “Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2004" in (Hong Kong)

Local Group Show

  • 2022 “KZL Gallery Regular Art Exhibition”
  • 2019 “Unique Art Exhibition & Auction”, At Novotel Yangon Max
  • 2019 “Beauty Of Mekong”, National Museum, Yangon
  • 2019 “MUSEUM ACTIVITY II”, National Museum, Yangon
  • 2019 “The Beauty of Natural Art” , Yangon
  • 2018 “ART LINE” Art Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2012 “Big Bigger Biggest” Art Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2012 “Hope Charity Show” in Myanmar
  • 2010 “Art Tree” Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2009 “Aesthetic Rain” exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2009 “Nargis Fund” Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2009 “Art Tree” Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2008 “Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2008” in Myanmar
  • 2008 “Square Collection” Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2008 “Art Tree” Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2008 “Myanmar Contemporary Art awards 2008” in Myanmar
  • 2007 “Photos by Painters” Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2006 “X” Mas Season Art Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2005 “” Art Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2005 “2005Contemporary Art Exhibition” in Myanmar
  • 2004 “Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2004” in Myanmar
  • 2003 “Mother Art” Exhibition in Myanmar
  • 2002 “NACG” in Myanmar
  • 2002 “Simple Poem” in Myanmar
  • 2000 “Starlet” in Myanmar
  • 2000 “20 Feb” in Myanmar

Other Art Experience

  • 2013 30 days Art Tour to Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland
  • 2008 Artist in Residency in Malaysia
  • 2007 Two months Art Tour to India and Nepal

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