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Mission of the gallery

The aim of the gallery is to share their knowledge with the art collector and to promote the understanding of Asian art and antiques. 

Device of the gallery

A way to enlightenment :

I have chosen the eternal spiral as the logo of the gallery. It is related to the Wheel of the Law, one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism, refering to the first Sermon of the Buddha, where he set the Buddhist teachings in motion. Similar symbols are found in Jainism and Hinduism. The rich iconography of the Wheel could also refer to the eternal cycle of life, rebirth and spiritual awakening.       

The main theme in the major religions (or philosophies of life) in Asia is the spiritual awakening, that can be attained by building spiritual or religious merit. The commission to build a statue or temple was a contribution to this merit, auspicious for the karma of a person. It was also a support for meditation and a motivation in the pursuit of enlightenment.

In my opinion, this is still very meaningful today. Asian artworks could be a help for yoga or meditation. They can help us to connect with others, to become more compassionate, or to accept reality with more serenity.  They have a universal appeal because of their authenticity and purity.    

My selection criteria at the time of purchase are imperatively based on authenticity and high quality, but also on the innate beauty and inner power, the crafmanship, the rarity, the provenance and patina of the artwork.

Through carefully sourcing the very best examples, Farah Massart, an art lover at heart, is established as a global specialist in this area, with a reputation for quality, expertise and professional service.


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  • "Some years ago, on some blue Saturday, we came in Knokke visiting an ethnic gallery named ABC.
    We stopped and saw an attractive showcase with some nice bronze Buddha’s, Indian bronze toys and some Shiva-lingams. A change occurred and there was a new gallery named FAMARTE.
    We stopped by, entered and were received by a smiling young women, who was very attentive.
    We later knew that she named Farah, and were immediately conquered by her craftsmanship, friendliness and knowledge.
    Now years later, and after some exhibition and fairs, she keeps a private gallery in Meise, where she offers qualitative antique pieces and contemporary Asian artworks.
    Still always smiling and attentive. Eager to explain and discuss every piece. The impression is one off a person who got it baked in her.
    Passion… that is what it is.
    I always return happy home, sometimes with a new piece (and somehow what lighter in my wallet ) , sometimes not.
    But I am still more then satisfied from every piece I bought. And afterwards I am always some wiser."

    Mr and Mrs M.M from Belgium
  • "Farah et Famarte m’accompagnent dans ma vie depuis de nombreuses années, tout comme les oeuvres que j’ai la chance d’adopter grâce à son savoir, ses connaissances, mais aussi sa sensibilité et son intuition. Confier une oeuvre à une personne est une grande responsabilité, mais surtout une double responsabilité. Il faut détecter une connivence entre l’hôte et l’invité pour permettre la future naissance d’une relation symbiotique.
    Je suis remerciante d’avoir trouvé une personne qui veille avec professionalisme et empathie à la qualité des oeuvres, à leur valeur externe et interne."

    Mrs. M.W from Luxemburg
  • "Lors de nos séjours à Knokke nous avons visité régulièrement la belle Galerie FAMARTE qui nous
    éblouissait toujours par les objets d’art d’une grande qualité.

    Notre intérêt, fixé autrefois surtout sur l’art africain, commençait à s’ouvrir sur l’immense richesse
    de l’art asiatique avec toutes ses finesses, ses côtés mystiques et sa beauté.

    C’est surtout due à la compétence de Farah, véritable experte en art asiatique, qui nous
    a amené à faire grandir notre petite collection par des objets d’art sublimes de Birmanie, Thaïlande et de l' Inde.

    Nous avons suivi le chemin de la Galerie lors de ses expositions à Cologne, à Namur, au Sablon et naturellement le
    départ de Knokke vers son nouveau lieu d’exposition à Meise.

    Les objets aquis nous procurent ,par leur beauté et leur grande sérénité, un immense plaisir. Nous sommes vraiment contents de pouvoir les admirer chaque jour."

    M.and Mrs.A.B. from Luxemburg

How can we help you?

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If you don't find your "coup de coeur" in our collection, please contact us with any special requests. We can also search for a specific object on demand.

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