Eric Guéna

Eric Guéna was born on 25 November 1953 in Louvres, Val d'Oise, France.

At the age of twenty, he travelled to Asia for the first time, where he studied the local artistic techniques such as “Sumi-è” (Japanese ink painting), lacquer painting, traditional decorative gold leaf painting and Japanese screen production. He started to restore Japanese and Chinese works of art while travelling through Asia.

He became proficient in both Western and Oriental painting techniques. His style is a fusion of east and west, his work is a collage of these different influences, heightening the unique atmosphere of his paintings.

He currently lives and works in he region of Paris. Gallery Famarte Asian art collaborates with him on permanent basis since 2012. 


2022: Famarte Summer gallery Knokke-Antica Namur

2020: Gallery Famarte Naarden the Art Fair

2019 : Gallery Corinne Le Monnier Le Havre 
2019: Gallery Famarte Eurantica- Antica Namur
2018 : Gallery Corinne Le Monnier Le Havre 
2018 : Begramoff Gallery AAF Bruxelles 
2018 : Gallery Famarte Eurantica-Antica Namur
2017 : Begramoff Gallery Bruxelles 
2016 : Gallery Famarte Knokke 
2015 : L’Atelier 457 Waterloo 
2014 : Gallery La Porte Rouge Bruxellles

2013 : Gallery La Porte Rouge Bruxelles 
2012 : Gallery Famarte Knokke 
2012 : BNP Private Banking Bruxelles 

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“Each painting is a surprising and ethereal encounter, suggesting something
fleeting, the other side of life…”

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