Soe Soe

Soe Soe was born in 1967 in Laputta, Myanmar. His artistic talent was evident as a young boy and his talented parents – father is a pianist and mother is an instructor of traditional dance – nurtured his gift for painting. At the age of eighteen, he made a decision to devote his life to painting and five years later he graduated from the State School of Fine arts in Yangon. His unusual techniques reflect his pioneering spirit in pursuing innovation in each piece of art.

Since 2004 he has adopted a unique way to apply paint to the canvas; with the precision of a surgeon he started to use syringes. His works capture the vibrant energy of sunlight dappling the beautiful rice fields of the Northern Shan State in Myanmar. The three-dimensional quality of his refreshing compositions captures the nature and reality of the colorful trees and rural people. His colour palette is usually composed of strong and pure colors which express the intensity of light in tropical climates.

In more recent series Soe Soe focuses on the city and paints with dimmed colors and soft hues. The windscreen of his car becomes a creative lens, which he uses to create street images blured by the monsoon rain.

Soe Soe has held several group and solo exhibitions around the world, including Yangon, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, London, Paris, and Knokke. He has emerged as a significant artist, well-received by international collectors and his paintings can be found in both private and public collections, both in Myanmar and abroad.

For Soe Soe, painting is a companion that gives him eternal pleasure. Perhaps it’s this joyous sincerity that attracts the heart of his collectors.






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“Vibrant colors of Myanmar”, injecting a style without compromise

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Date of Birth: 19th April, 1967
Place of birth: Laputta, Irrawaddy Division, Myanmar.



One Man Show

2008 "Beautiful Dream (Singapore)
2008 "Soe Soe Solo Exhibition (Malaysia)
2013 "Beautiful Land Myanmar (Singapore)
2015 "30th Anniversary of Art Journey (Myanmar)
2016 "Soe Soe Solo Exhibition (Taiwan)
2016 "Soe Soe Solo Exhibition in Blossom (Malaysia)
2016 "Soe Soe Solo Exhibition in Art Expo (Malaysia)
2017 "Soe Soe Solo Exhibition in Art Revolution Art Festival (Taiwan)

Two Man Show

2005 Two Burmese Brothers Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)
2006 To Tranquility (Hong Kong)
2006 Two Burmese Brothers Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)
2007 Two Brothers Art Exhibition (Nepal)
2008 Vision of Burma (NewYork)
2009 Two Brother Show (Noka Gallery, New York)
2013 Two Brothers Art Exhibition (Belgium)
2016 Street story Art Exhibition (Singapore)

Oversea Group Exhibition

1998 MJ Art Gallery Exhibition (Singapore)
1999 MJ Art Gallery Exhibition (Singapore)
2002 Art Asia NYC Exhibition (USA)
2003 Art Asia NYC Exhibition (USA)
2004 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award (Hong Kong)
2007 The Golden Hands of Myanmar-1 (Singapore)
2007 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award (New York)
2007 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award (Washington-DC)
2012 Gabriel Asian Art Opening Show (London)
2012 Summer Open House (London)
2012 Autumm Special Sale (London)
2013 Knokke art Fair (Belgium)
2013 1st Anniversary Celebration (London)
2013 Antica Namur art Fair (Belgium)
2014 Spring Exhibition (London)
2014 Celebration with colours (London)
2014 Cologne Five Art Fair (Belgium)
2014 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (London)
2014 Asia Art Brusseis (Belgium)
2014 Antica Namur (Belgium)
2015 The Chelsea Art Fair (London)
2015 Masters of Myanmar Art Group Show, the Edge Galeries (KL Malaysia)
2015 Silk Journey to Art World Tour exhibition (Beijing, China)
2015 Greater Mekong Sub-region Art Sharing (Thailand)
2015 Affordable Art Fair (Singapore)
2016 International Exchange Exhibition (Metropolitan Museum Japan)
2016 Art Paris Art Fair (France)
2016 Burmese Season (Singapore)
2016 Thukhuma Collection Art Exhibition Jack Oison Gallery (USA)
2016 Thukhuma Collection Art Exhibition MSU Gallery (Singapore)
2016- Art Expo (Malaysia)
2016- Blossom Arts Fastival (Malaysia)
2017 V Art Space Openning Show (Malaysia)
2017 Affordable Art Fair (Singapore )
2017 Asia Contemporary Art Fair (Hong Kong)
2017- Art Revolution Taipie (Taiwan)
2017- Art Jakata Art Fair (Indonesia)
2017- Art Expo (Malaysia)
2018 Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai)
2018 Art Busan (Korea)
2018- Cologne Fine Art (Germany)
2018-Antica Namur Fine Art Fair (Belgium)
2018- Shan Ghan Art Fair (China)
2018- Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong)
2018- Art Jakata Art Fair (Indonesia)
2018-Culture Art Fair Brussels (Belgium)
2018- Art Revolution Taipie (Taiwan)
2018- Art Expo (Malaysia)
2019 Art Affordable Art Fair (Singapore)
2019 Shenzhen International Art Fair (China)
2019 Asia Contemporary Art Fair (Hong Kong)
2019- Art Busan Art Fair (Korea)
2019- Cologne Fine Art Fair (Germany)
2019- Shanghai Art Plus (Shanghai)
2019- Art Taichung (Taiwan)
2019- Art Revolution Taipei(Taiwan)
2019- Eurantica. Fine Art Fair Brussels (Belgium)
2020- Naarden The Art Fair (Netherlands)
2020- V'art Toghther (Malaysia)
2020- V'art Exhibition (Taiwan)
2020- The Golden Land (Singapore)
2021-Art Taipei (Taiwan)
2022-Affordable Art Fair (Hong Kong)
2022-Art Taichung (Taiwan)
2022-Art Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

Myanmar Exhibition

1996 North Okkalapa Art Exhibition Yangon
1997 North Okkalapa Art Exhibition Yangon
1998 North Okkalapa Art Exhibition Yangon
2002 Wingaba Art Gallery Exhibition
2003 Art Crazy Dozen Exhibition
2003 Yangon Art Exhibition
2004 Mother Art Exhibition
2005 Myanmar Art Exhibition
2007 Myanmar Graphic Art Show
2007 The Best Painting Of The Year
2008 The Best Painting Of The Year
2008 Hninzigon Home For the Aged Diamond Jubiee Art Exhibition Charity Show
2009 Green Elephant Opening Exhibition
2010 Myanmar-art com Exhibition (lnyaLa ke Hotel)
2011 Pure Heart Art Exhibition
2012 Yakhine Refugee Charity Show at Myanmar Art and Atrism Council
2015 Art For Victims Art Exhibition
2016 The Yangon Art Exhibition
2017 Wahso Art Gallery Art Exhibition
2018 Wahso Art Gallery Art Exhibition
2019 National Museum Art Exhibition Yangon

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