Gae Won Jang

Gaewon Jang, born in 1969, is an artist from South Korea, living and working in Seoul.

I discovered his artworks a few years ago and from the first minute I was completely blown away from his detailed painting technique and the poetry of his work.

The ceramic bowl, a frequent theme in his artworks, and part of the famous Korean ceramic history, acts as a time capsule containing the stories, situations, and emotions of the artist’s childhood.

Looking at the ceramic bowl, it feels as a real bowl with the tiny small irregularities and cracks, the old patina, the variety of colours.

For Gaewon Jang the Bowl Serie is an authentic and emotional story of home, tradition, heritage and hope.

Very recently he painted the Winter season, this edition is very rare, because for one reason or another, he rarely paints the Winter.  



Daegu University

2022: Blue art fair Daegu, International gallery Art Fair, Kiaf Plus, Daegu International art fair

2021: Blue art fair Daegu, Bama international gallery art fair, Daegu Art Fair

2020: Bama International gallery art fair, Blue art fair Daegu, Pink art fair

2019: Seoul Art Expo, Daegu Art Festivall, Asia hotel art fair,  Art Busan

2018: Daegu Art Fair, Daejeon International Art Show, Busan International Art Fair, Seoul International Art Festival


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