• DSC 4125

Head of Buddha

U Thong C, early 15th century

Bronze with gilding

H16cm (without tailormade pedestal)

Provenance: Private Belgian collection

This bronze head of Buddha from the U-Thong period is modelled in a contemplative expression with cast half-closed eyes, a heart-shaped headband and straight nose. The power of authority is expressed by his full fleshy lips and finely engraved chin. The pendulous open earlobes and the rows of beaded spikes over the prominent ushnisha add to its elegance.

The bronze surface shows a very fine natural and colourful patina.

The introspective gaze and detailed design of the Buddha’s portrait reflect the artistic sensibilities of the U-Thong style, which emerged during the 14th to 15th centuries near the city-state Ayutthaya after the end of the Khmer occupation. This style incorporates influences from both Sukhothai as the Khmer Empire’s aesthetics.

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