• DSC 4109

Hand of Buddha in the bhumisparsha muda (earth touching gesture)

Sukhothai period, 14-15 th century


H18cm, without custom-made pedestal

Private Belgian collection


The Sukhothai style is regarded as the “golden era” of Thai art. The Walking Buddha is a highlight of the Sukhothai style. It is considered to be an iconographic representation unique and specific to its time. The Buddhas of this period are still the most appreciated. The eyebrows, mouth and fingers of the Buddhas are always gracefully curved.


This hand is the right hand of Buddha, in the bhumisparsha mudra, the touching of the earth. The lower part of the hand shows the remains of the right leg of Buddha. The hand has fingers of a different length, the nails are clearly rendered. It is defined by an extremely streamlined shape and a beautiful volume. It is mounted on a custom-made black metal stand.


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