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Head of Buddha

Head of Buddha

14th century 

Gilt copper alloy with polychrome, cast in the lost wax method 


Provenance: Nancy Wiener before 1996


The physical signs (laksana) of the spiritual nature of the Buddha are indicated by the elongated pierced earlobes, the spiral mark between the brows, known as the urna (sacred symbol of illumination) and the cranial protuberance. His hair is painted blue, according to the Tibetan ritual practice. His hair is arranged in a multitude of tight curls. He has fleshy rounded cheeks, a hooked nose, and a fine delineated mouth.

This head must once have been part of a life-sized figure of Buddha set up in a Tibetan monastery or sanctuary. Such images were often constructed in sections for ease of casting. Only the head and hands were visible as the statues were dressed in their robes.

The face has a calm and serene expression that evokes a tranquillity to the viewer. 

Cast in copper alloy with typical rich yellowish gilding. High quality casting

Litterature: H.Uhlig, On the path to enlightenment, the Berti Aschmann Foundation of Tibetan art at the Rietberg Museum, Z├╝rich, 1995, p. 50, fig.11


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