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A bronze seated figure of Buddha Shakyamuni

19th century, Kandyan period


H 22cm

Provenance: from a European private collector, acquired prior to 1990 


The Buddha is seated in dhyanasana atop a waisted cushion engraved right the way round with a double row of stylised lotus petals. His gentle face displays a serene expression with downcast eyes below arched eyebrows, centered by a spiral urna, and his curled hair is topped by a stylized flame. His lips are pursed and flanked by long pendulous earlobes.

The robe is long and folded in a typical way for the Kandyan 19th century depiction of the Buddha, decorated with fine, wavy lines front and back.

The sculpture has a prominent flaming usnisha.   

The feet are rectangular, the nipple is clearly rendered, the shoulders broad and rather square, the face rounded with a wide nose, and a single line to mark the eyebrow. The head is covered with tight curls. 

The image has a very nice patina and is in very good condition.





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