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Standing Buddha in the Calling for the Rain mudra

18th century

Teak wood with layers of black and red lacquer, finished with gilding


Provenance: from a private collection North Carolina, USA

This elegant Buddha stands with his both arms alongside the body in the calling for the rain mudra, typical for Laos. His half-open almond-shaped eyes with black pupils gaze downward in meditation. The pointed ears have wide pits circling like a conch shell and long curved earlobes. His narrow hips and slim hands facing inward reinforce the graceful curves of the body. He wears a monk’s robe with a scroll-edged hem that flares out reaching to just above the ankles. The central pleat is secured with a belt. The small conical curls of his hairdo rise to a domed ushnisha and the flame resembles a cluster of lotus petals. The high multi-tiered circular and waisted base might be influenced by the Thai Ayutthaya style. Remains of a semi-precious stone are visible on the umbilicus.

This Buddha with traces of gilding and colourful lacquer is striking for its delicacy and refinement.











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