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Crowned Jambhupati Buddha

19th century

Laquered wood

H82 x W34 x D25cm

Provenance: Compagnie de la Chine et des Indes, Paris


The distinctive leaf-like winged crown flies out from each side of the crown, the wings are supported by the shoulders. This is a typical element of the Burmese Buddha and probably based on the Indian headdress ribbons that were cast on the Indian Hindu bronze images. The crown has a cone on top. The Buddha wears a thick necklace accross the shoulders that falls down to the chest. Thick earplugs in the ears and bracelets around the arms are noted. The wood has a nice dark chocolate brown patina. The Burmese royal crowned Jambhupati Buddha image originated from the story of the Buddha’s encounter with King Jambhupati, whereupon the Buddha adorned royal attire in order to humble the arrogant and overbearing king Jambhupati, who threatened one of his followers. The King on seeing the Buddha dressed in such a splendor was overawed and from that day onwards he became a follower of the Buddhist teachings, became a monk and he reached enlightenment.


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