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Torso of a Bodhisattva

Kushan period, 3-4th century

Gandhara region

grey schist


This figure of a standing Bodhisattva is lavishly attired in the rich dress and jewelry of a Kushana prince or nobleman from the ancient region of Gandhara (parts of present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan). The powerful, fleshy torso, the rounded musculature of the chest and abdomen, and the long, flowing hair further emphasize the figure’s regal bearing. The strong, round chin, and smooth oval face adorned by an elegantly twirling mustache suggest the mixture of races and cosmopolitan nature of first-millennium Gandharan art and culture. Although strongly Hellenizing in profile, the figure is dressed as a thoroughly Indian ruler, wearing the dhoti, bare-chested, with a sash casually slung over the shoulder and draped in an elegant curve over the forearm. The juxtaposition of distinctly Western classical features, particularly the realistically rendered drapery and musculature, with the indigenous elements of dress and attributes, typifies Gandharan Buddhist sculpture.

Private Collection Richard and Sabine de G.from Lausanne, Switzerland

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