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Architectural frieze with Amitabha

Pala period, 11-12th Century

North-East India

black basalt

H 36 x W 41.5 x D 9 cm

This meditating Buddha with an alms bowl is likely the Amitabha Buddha in the form of the Medicine Buddha, such as Bhaisajyaguru. He is seated in vajrasana on a lotus base, both hands in dhyanamudra, supporting the alms-bowl, wearing a very fine dhoti, necklace, and his hair secured with a pointed tiara. He is placed in a arched niche framed by two columns and on top decorated with foliage. A smaller seated figure of Buddha is seated above him, with both hands in dharmacakramudra and placed in an arched stupa niche, with the top bordered by a row of pearls. This architectural relief had been part of a Pala period Buddhist monument like a stupa or a monastery. See for a similar frieze, Sotheby's, London, 19 Oct. 1995, lot 173.

private German collection acquired in the 1970’s

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