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Miniature Shikhara (temple tower) guarded by a pair of Makaras with a Musician and (river) goddess

10-11th Century

Central India, Madhya Pradesh, probably Gwalior region

Yellow sandstone

H 41,5cm x L40cm x D21cm

The door guardians, ‘Makaras’ are fantastical mythical aquatic creatures that combine the body of a crocodile with the head of a lion and the trunk of an elephant. An ancient symbol in India they are considered by the Hindu’s to be auspicious and purifying. The combination of a beautiful jewelled, near naked swaying woman and a musician with sharply incised detail of costume issuing from the mouths of the Makaras portrays an image of pronounced sensuality, and ensures a protective auspiciousness for the small shrine. A similar miniature shrine can be seen in Gods, Guardians and Lovers, New York, 1993, page 142.

Ex Simon Ray 2008, Ex collection The Late Bruno Cooper, Thence By Descent

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