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Seated Buddha

15th Century, Sukhothai period, probably from Kamphaeng Phet

bronze with traces of gilding and green patina

H 22cm

A bronze seated Buddha, with the right hand in bhumisparsa mudra and the left resting in his lap. The eyes lowered in deep meditation.The uttarasangha covers the left shoulder and it hangs down to the navel in an inverted V form. The face has a serene expression. The snail-like curls cover the head and ushnisha, which ends in an inserted ketumala with a flame. Gilded with some green encrustations, a sign that th epiece had been excavated. This Buddha is rendered in the Kampaeng Phet style, with suble differences from the neighboring Sukhothai region. The facial features are sharper, the eyebrows form a continuous line above the bridge of the nose, the flame finial is meticulously composed by three layers in stead of four layers, the elegant fingers are elongated, the curls are smaller, the fishtail hem above the navel is shorter. The Sukhothai kingdom existed from the 13th to the 15th cenuries in Northern central Thaïland. Kamphaeng Phet was an important royal city in the kingdom of Sukhothai, togethher with Pitsanulok. It was a walled city of economic and military importance. Founded by the king Li Thai (1346-74) in the mid 14th Century, it was ideally situated for river trade with Southern Burma, the Lan Na kingdom, and the Chao Phraya basin of Central Thailand. Later absorbed into the Ayutthaya Kingdom it served as a crucial fortress and strategic buffer in preventing the Burmese advances of the capital of Ayutthaya during the Burmese-Siamese wars (16-19th Centuries). cfr. S.Van Beek and L.Tettoni, 2000., page 112/

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