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Standing Shiva

Bakheng style, late 9th Century

Sandstone with brown patina

H 52,5 cm

Shiva, the powerful god of destruction and creation, was the primary deity of the Hindu Phnom Bakheng temple. The standing Urna is the distinctive feature of Shiva. This youghtful temple image of the god was designed to be viewed in the round. The pleated sampot secured with a scarf covers the body from the hips to just above the knees. It is arranged in the typical Bakheng style, with wide and well-defined pleats. The hair is arranged in a chignon inside a diadem that fastens behind with a knot. The facial features include full contoured lips, a moustache and a beard. The open eyes are also typically Bakheng in style with incised pupils and eyebrows that form an almost continuous line. The face has an extremely realistic and tactile appearance. During ceremonies Shiva may have been adorned with real jewelry designed for statuary. The Bakheng temple-mountain, constructed around 900, during the reign of Yashovarman I, was one of the first to be built at Yashodharapura, known as Angkor. His great capital marked the beginning of Angkor’s glory, and Bakheng sculptures express all the nobility and dignity of the Khmer empire.

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