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Gilded and inlaid chanting fan from a senior monk

circa 1920

the frame is of carved teak wood and the body of the fan is of lacquered woven bamboo strips,

W37cm x H45cm, weight 1.336g

This large fan from Burma is gilded and inlaid with glass backed with a foil of silver, in green and blue color. The shape is inspired by the simple palm-leaf fans afforded to novice and less senior monks. This is a ceremonial fan used by a senior monk while chanting or reciting prayers from memory during temple and monastic ceremonies. The fan was used to shield the face of the monk so that he could fully concentrate on reciting the chants. Similar fans used in Thailand tended to have a straight handle and were held upright. This type from Burma has a thick wavy handle to allow the weight of the fan to be held by the monk’s thigh.

private UK collection

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